“the break up, the assets, whats fair?”

I lie here on my couch this afternoon looking out to the ocean. My view is my only friend and may be my only company for a while.

I have had no sleep in three days, my ex fiancé and I have been in a mess over how to divide up our assets. Now this is heartbreaking for me. I had very little faith left in humanity when we met but she was so lovely and I am such a romantic that I say “what is the point of being with someone if you don’t trust?”

I ask this question with the experience that 95% of people I have met in my life have let me down in some way particularly when it comes to money & love. But the reason I ask it is because I always look out for the people I really love ahead of myself. For instance I always looked out for her and her family when it came to any investments we made together. They received far more protection than I did. As far as love goes in the second relationship, the one I ended earlier this year I did so looking out for her best interests even though I still wanted to be with her.

Anyway back to the split of finances. So a little background. We were together for 8 years. When we got together I had almost 8 times as much wealth as she did in assets including property, cash and motor vehicles. Her parents loaned her some money to invest in a property we purchased together not long after we got together.

Over the 7 years we were together I earned 9 times what she did, she was a full time student with a master of commerce and a law degree to show for it.

We sell all our properties re invest in others and one in particular our principal property and largest asset we have done quite well out of.

We are now in the process of selling this one property and agreeing to a calculation for the division of the assets is turning what has been an amicable situation into a legal battle.

Now although I had most of the wealth on the way in and have contributed significantly more over the time we have been together I have offered her an even 50/50 split.

She on the other hand is claiming her parents loan to her should be paid back then we should split the assets.

This leaves her with almost a 75/25 split in her favour.

Not bad considering she turned up with next to nothing hardly worked for 7 years and has a law degree now.

Now don’t get me wrong I love her mum and dad as if they were my own and they definitely should get there money back. But it should come from her not me. Under my proposal she could pay them back and still walk away with 3 times more than what she had when we got together.

Not only that, when we met they were paying her rent and were happy to do so. In theory they saved hundreds of thousands in rent over the years.

So I guess you are asking yourself what are the arguments of the case?

Well stay tuned I will give you both views in my next blog.


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